August 11, 2018
6 days since
our Reunion.
Can you believe, for most of us, it's been 30-40 years since we graced the halls of George Washington High School?

Amazing how much things have
changed since the day we walked across the stage to graduate into the next chapter of our lives.

Time sure flies.

Now on Saturday, August 11, 2018, our monumental multi-class reunion takes center stage.
Participating with friends and former classmates can not only be nostalgic, allowing us to reminisce and celebrate, but also helps to  give us a look back to how far we've come and where life has taken us.

Please help spread the word---We hope to see as many classmates as possible....Making this the best, most successful and special reunion yet.

**Tickets are still Available**
**Get yours Now**

The place that got us ready for the real world and
where so many lifelong friendships were formed

Ah Yes!
The hallway we will never forget.
The day we got our Eagle wings.
Like an Eagle, we are symbols of greatness.
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